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  • Location of agave fields: Santiago Matatlán, Tlacolula, Oaxaca.

  • Type of agave: Agave Angustifolia Haw or Sprat.

  • Agave age: 10 years

  • Sustainable planting: Yes


  • Description of sowing and harvesting:

The land is cleaned, then furrows are made in the lower part of the bank, upstream, on the side where the water accumulates - this should be done before the rainy season begins in the months of April or May. There is approximately 4 to 5 m between rows and 90 to 110 cm between plants.
The agave harvest needs between 8 and 10 years before reaching maturity, evidenced by red marks on the "piña" (the center of the agave).  The "jimador" cuts the large pointed leaves by hand and separates the piñas from the plant . The piñas are then loaded onto a truck to be transported to the distillery.

  • Description of the cooking process:

Underground conical stone ovens are heated with coarse firewood (mesquite or oak).  Once the firewood is completely consumed and the stones are red hot, the piñas are cut into two or four pieces and placed in an orderly and compact way on the hot stones.  The oven is covered with blankets, earth and logs in order to completely seal it, and the piñas are left to cook for a minimum of 72 hours.


  • Grinding method:

After cooking, the piñas are again cut into smaller pieces with an ax or machete in order to place them in the grind them between two approximately 500 kilogram stones that are pulled by a donkey.  Once the piñas are completely ground and become paste, we proceed to fermentation.


  • Fermentation description:

After grinding, the piña paste is placed in wooden vats at approximately 75% of capacity.  We add 150 liters of water at 35 to 40 ° C, so that the paste ferments for several days, then add more water at room temperature until reaching 90% of capacity, thus accelerating the fermentation process. 


  • Alcohol Volume:

40 ° -100% agave.


  • Flavor Notes:

With an intense personality with subtle tones of wood and crystalline. Perfect for all occasions.