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Cultivation and Harvest



                 Cultivation and Harvest

Mezcal Madrona is produced when the agave plant reaches maturity of 8 to 10 years.


The stalks are cooked in conical ovens dug into the ground. The wells are lined with hot stones, then they are left cooking in the well for 3 days, covered with agave leaves, petate and earth. This allows it to absorb the flavors of the earth, wood and smoke.

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After the cooking process, the piñas are placed in a stone hoop known as Tahona Chilena which is pulled by a horse, and thus begins the process of crushing the cooked agave. 


The result of the grinding of the cooked agave pineapples (must), is placed in oak wood vats with 1000 to 2000 liters of water so that they ferment naturally and totally organically for a period of three to five days and during this phase is when the flavors of the mezcal multiply and intensify.

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Mezcal Madrona produces 20 to 25 degrees in its first distillation, gradually increasing the alcohol content during the process. To produce a product of the highest quality, the entire product is redistilled in order to standardize the graduation and thus reach 40 degrees of alcohol in our product.



           with orange

It is the same process as natural mezcal in the first distillation, only in the second distillation the orange is added, it is distilled at 40 degrees Alc. Vol. Producing our delicious product mezcal distilled with orange.

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